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Asset Tracking App

Your assets should facilitate production, not disrupt it.

Whether it’s expiration, calibration or simply a misplaced item, too often production assets are the cause of production interruptions. With X-track Asset Tracking, you can monitor and locate any asset, tool or consumable from a simple mobile app to keep production going or to address compliance requirements.


Locate any asset in moments

Curb production interruptions caused by misplaced assets with sensor-based tracking that shows you where any item is at any time. Pinpoint the exact location through your X-track mobile app and a handheld RFID reader.

Mitigate compliance risks

Track asset expiration and calibration schedules actively. Be alerted to important dates as they approach and get notified immediately if an expired asset is used in production.

Streamline inventory taking

Eliminate the time-consuming process of searching for misplaced items. Instead, pinpoint the exact location of any asset through your X-track mobile app and a handheld RFID reader.

As market dynamics and consumer behavior undergo drastic changes, sometimes within minutes, industrial operators must have assets available for production when needed. - Peter Herweck, Schneider Electric

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