Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Xemelgo delivers smart manufacturing solutions that provide complete visibility into industrial operations. Real-time monitoring and intelligent alerts eliminate costly disruptions like inventory shortages, production bottlenecks, misplaced assets, and incomplete orders. We design our software hand-in-hand with manufacturing professionals to create solutions that solve real problems, are easy to use, and blend seamlessly with existing systems. Our app-led approach means that we manage the advanced technology platform and manufacturers reap its benefits through simple, mobile-first applications -- paying only for what they need and no more.

Easy to Deploy

Xemelgo solutions are deployed in hours. Wifi-enabled IoT sensors feed powerful Xemelgo apps that are easily downloaded to your mobile device.

Real-time Visibility

Xemelgo provides real-time visibility to inventory, work-in-progress, assets, parts, and shipments.

Intelligent Assistants

Xemelgo alerts you in real-time to emerging production issues - right on your mobile device.

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