Inventory Management

Imagine having real-time visibility of your inventory, and not having to worry about running out of inventory stock, ever again.

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Grab and Go

Go into an area as small as a stock room, or as large as a warehouse to take what you need, and walk out. Using sensor fusion, X-Track will keep all systems up to date immediately.

Real-Time Alerting, Anywhere

Receive alerts at work or on the go with X-Track notifications as soon as the stock count is too low or high, or when an expired product is taken into production

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Zero-downtime Audits

Quickly ensure your physical inventory is in sync with our mobile app solution, X-Audit, that does not require days, but minutes, to complete

Stay Ahead of the Demand

Be at ease when ordering supply with X-Cart, a curated list of inventory stock based on known and predicted demand

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Embrace and Extend existing systems

Deploy X-Track independently or allow our data to flow through your existing systems to update data, generate reports or assist with billing

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