Never run out of stock again. Yes, really.


Stay ahead of inventory shortfalls and risks with real-time monitoring and intelligent alerts. X-track Inventory Tracking optimizes inventory levels with minimal staff effort.  



Conduct zero-downtime audits

Verify that your physical inventory matches your X-track app data in minutes rather than days.

Enable grab-and-go inventory


Say goodbye to inconsistent kanban card systems. By automating inventory monitoring, your employees can retrieve what they need and get back to work without worrying about inventory levels.

Keep supply ahead of demand

Receive intelligent alerts when stock gets low. Start with pre-set thresholds and schedules, then watch as your app learns the lead times and consumption patterns and alerts you accordingly.

Avoid overspending

Eliminate the need for rush fees with timely stock replenishment. Ensure optimal order volumes with X-Cart, a predictive ordering mechanism based on historic and anticipated demand.

Keep expired inventory off the floor


Receive intelligent alerts when inventory is set to expire. Be doubly safe by also receiving alerts when expired inventory reaches your production area.

“Before Xemelgo we would continuously run out of inventory and have to pay overnight fees in order to meet our schedule. With Xemelgo we have never run out of inventory.”