The industrial IoT platform designed for manufacturers by manufacturers.

What is X-track? Let’s start with what it isn't. X-track is not a monolithic system that takes a PhD to figure out and fills your screen with data that’s not particularly useful. It’s not another technology to train your employees on that they will never use. It won't force you to rework your processes to realize value. And it’s doesn't includes bells and whistles you don’t need, but still have to pay for. That was yesterday’s approach, and manufacturers are tired of it.

X-track represents the next wave of Industrial IoT platforms. It is a secure, cloud-based platform that uses plug-and-play IoT sensors for real-time monitoring and delivers machine learning-powered  intelligent alerts to predict and prevent industrial production disruptions. Manufacturers adopt only the applications that solve their pressing problems, getting all the platform benefits without any of its management burdens.

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Get to Know X-Track

Get value from prior RFID investments

We extend your existing investments by using a standard RFID printer or RFID labels to gain information about assets, inventory, shipments and workstations.

Deploy in hours, not weeks or months

​Our plug-and-play IoT sensors work immediately with easy-to-download Xemelgo mobile apps so you can realize value on day one.

Integrate X-track with existing systems

X-track apps integrate with existing systems to update data, generate reports or assist with billing.

Advanced IIoT platform that learns your operations

X-track is a learning system that intelligently predicts and alerts personnel to potential issues using sensor data, not manual data entry.

Experienced through simple, mobile-first applications

Get industrial software with the simplicity of a consumer experience. Monitor work orders, manage inventory, track assets and shipments -- anytime, anywhere. 

Innovative IoT devices and inputs

X-track applications are built to collect data from IoT sensors paired with RFID technology. Looking ahead, we'll add voice inputs through Amazon Alexa and more.

“We don’t have time to go to our desks to run reports. We need the data coming to us.”