Shipment Tracking

Bring the ease of modern-day tracking into your ecosystem and relieve the stress of not knowing where your shipments are

Monitoring Room

Quickly Find the Location of a Shipment

Just like any modern-day package tracking application, pull up the X-Track app and find out where your shipment is, whether they are suppliers sending parts to you, or you sending finished goods to customers and being alerted if an issue occurs

Alerts on Missing and Misrouted Shipments

Know the minute that a shipment was routed to the incorrect destination, or if a shipment was shipped but never received. Leverage sensor based input to validate that all items in a shipment arrived properly

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Delivery of Boxes

End to End Visiblity for your Customers

Transform your customers experience by integrating with other X-Track Solutions and seeing the entire production chain, from raw materials to production process, to packaging and shipping to them

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