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Shipment Tracking App

Erase the stress of missing or incomplete shipments.

Bring the transparency of modern-day shipment tracking to your business. Shipments moving between your facilities can create blind spots in your manufacturing process that result in unnecessary delays. With X-track Shipment Tracking, real-time monitoring and intelligent alerts ensure you can address anomalies before they grow into problems.


Confirm delivery with real-time data

View internal shipment status in real-time just as you do with external packages. Receive an alert when your shipment reaches its destination.

Discover incomplete shipments quickly

Sensor data tells you not just that your shipment arrived, but that your whole shipment arrived. Verify departure and destination quantities to avoid incomplete deliveries.

Get immediate alerts for fast resolution

Intelligent alerts tell you when a shipment deviates from its intended destination or schedule so you can get things back on track right away.

Consistently meet delivery schedules

With full visibility of internal shipments, you can be sure schedules aren’t missed because a delivery was misrouted or lost.

When delivering to your customers depends on assembling parts from multiple locations, you can't afford to have any risk in the process.

Client stories

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