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Xemelgo offers turn-key Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing solutions that provide real-time visibility into your industrial operations. Xemelgo's portfolio includes solutions for inventory management, work-in-progress tracking, asset tracking, and inter-facility shipments. Explore each solution below

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Inventory Management

Imagine Amazon Go for the factory, where your inventory stock levels are monitored and updated in real-time using sensors. Low and out of stock alerts are sent immediately as they happen, and with Predicted Inventory, never worry about having to pay expedited shipping fees again

Process Tracking

Track both queue time and job time in order to empower Production Managers with a live view of each department's current and predicted backlog, alerting them in real-time as bottlenecks are developing. 
Harness the power of real time data and machine learning to dynamically schedule orders to meet and exceed customer expectations

Inventory Management
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Asset Tracking

Manage all your assets, tools, consumables, all in one solution. Monitor expiration/calibration dates and alert the supervisor if there is a compliance issue.
Easily locate any asset in the factory using a mobile based handheld sensor app

Shipment Tracking

Demystify the shipments that travel between facilities either inter-company or with suppliers and customer. Know when shipments are being shipped out of a facility and when they arrive. Be alerted in real-time if part of a shipment is missing or misrouted to the wrong facility

Why Xemelgo?

Fast Deployment

Fast On-site Setup Time to Value

X-Track can be deployed on-site in under a day. Download the X-Track app through the app store or access on any browser to see the immediate value

No IT Required

Just Wi-Fi Connectivity

X-Track is cloud-based, and can be deployed without any IT involvement. Our sensors plug into any power outlet, connect to Wi-Fi, and that's it! No CAT5 or running power lines necessary.

Customer First

Your Success and Satisfaction Matters

Above all else, we want to make sure the solution is providing value, and easy to use. We listen and take feedback seriously, and provide consistent improvements to the solution

World Class Support

We're Here for You

Reach out to the team through either our web portal or in-app. Our team is always on alert for questions, feedback, issues, and will respond within immediately to your needs

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