Work In Progress Tracking

Illuminate blind spots in your production process with real-time data to make smarter decisions

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Be notified of and resolve backlog buildup

Break away from monthly post analysis of backlog issues and dynamically load-balance resources to meet the demands on the floor right now. X-Track notifications will alert you in real-time as soon as orders are piling up past critical

Never lose track of special orders

Receive alerts for orders by a specific customer when it arrives at a particular department that are expedited, or any combination of conditions!

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Non-intrusive to production process

Let the operators continue to do work like normal as X-Track, using sensor fusion, collects the data needed

Improve operational efficiency with operators

Improve operational efficiency with operators
Display a prioritized list of orders on a dashboard for the operators to aid them in choosing the most urgent order to work on next

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Customer Service

Increase customer satisfaction

Add product delivery ETA information from X-Track to your arsenal when handling customer questions and expedite requests

Manage your production with Voice

"Hey Google, ask X-Track to expedite order EIV1220 and notify John that he needs to work on it ASAP"

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Embrace and Extend existing systems

Deploy X-Track independently or attach X-Track to existing systems to access essential data and feed human-friendly insights back

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