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Work In Progress Tracking App

Eliminate costly production disruptions with real-time monitoring and intelligent alerts that signal potential problems before they arise.

Get smart manufacturing solutions that provide complete visibility into your industrial operations. Real-time monitoring and intelligent alerts eliminate costly disruptions like inventory shortages, production bottlenecks, misplaced assets and incomplete shipments. Work in Progress Tracking is designed to be easy to use and non-disruptive to existing systems and processes.


Boost visibility of your production process

Know the status of any order at any time. Monitor and optimize queue time and job time, then dynamically adjust schedules to hit every deadline.

Predict and prevent backlog buildup

Stop relying on historical data to fix backlog issues. Start identifying potential bottlenecks before they occur.


Improve operational efficiency

Prioritize orders so operators focus on the most urgent work. Proactively distribute resources across the factory to support your current workload.

Increase customer satisfaction

Dynamically adjust schedules to hit every deadline. Communicate status and handle expedite requests with a real-time view of work in progress.

Stay on top of special orders

Follow orders for key customers or keep tabs on expedited orders. Customize notifications to receive alerts for any condition you need to monitor.

Operate without interruption

Gain new insights without interrupting your operators or processes. Sensors discreetly collect and feed data to the app without human intervention.

An intelligent factory is agile, adaptable, and ready to support different production scenarios. It’ to deal with varying production volumes and manufacturing technologies. -Richard Howells, SAP

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